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Highly Recomended Experience

Most of our guests are very satisfied and recommend it to their family and friends, at least try once in a lifetime!

Great Place! Centre of City.

Location near from hotel where most guests stay, only 15 minutes from sanur, 30 min from kuta, 45 min from nusa dua and seminyak

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Book Online now and Pay later in the Location, or just 25% Deposit for group booking >6 persons



Experience the thrill and joy of interaction with friendly dolphins Bali. it's fun, educational and an unforgettable encounter of a lifetime!
The Dolphin lodge is designed by floating pool in the Ocean near of Sanur area, it's means that all of the dolphins stay alive in the sea / their habitat (instead of chlorinated water).

Be part of this unforgettable experience, for approximately 30 minutes you will have a beautiful moment by interaction with our friendly dolphin. These friendly mamals will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability and the softness, where you'll have the chance to experience the thrill of up-close and personal contact through hugging, petting, kissing and playing with a dolphin! At each session the guests divided into 4 groups with each group a maximum of 6-7 persons, so you don't need to worry that you couldn't touch dolphin because of crowd.


We offer three (3) Dolphins program options you can choose, that is Swim with Dolphin,
Bali Dolphin interaction, and Dolphin Watching.

dolphin interaction


Participants will be going in the pool with the dolphin, Here you will have chance to closely interaction with our friendly dolphins, like touching, hugging, feeding, kissing and playing

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swim with dolphin


In this program, you not only have chance for interaction with them, but you will be swimming out to meet with our friendly dolphins in the sea (within an enclosed area of our floating sea pen)

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dolphin watching


In this program, you are free to move around our floating sea pen and watching the show from the top (not in water). You can take photographs of your friend or family members

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Deluxe Program IDR 1.500.000 IDR - 30 Minutes Minimum 12 years old
(child under 12 y.o is not allowed to join this program)
Swim With Dolphin IDR 1.386.000 IDR 1.246.000 40 Minutes child 2 - 12 y.o , and adult >13 y.o
(Child under 10 y.o should be accompanied by adult participant)
Dolphin Interaction IDR 1.000.000 IDR 975.000 30 Minutes child 2 - 12 y.o , and adult >13 y.o
(Child under 10 y.o should be accompanied by adult participant)
Dolphin Watching Observer IDR 525.000 IDR 475.000 30 minutes child 2 - 12 y.o , and adult >13 y.o
Dolphin Watching Educational IDR 630.000 IDR 560.000 30 Minutes Minimum booking 6 persons
Interaction with Stingray FOC FOC - Subjected to weather conditions and advice from our trainers.

Due to very high demand and limited number of dolphins, please make reservations at least 1 week in advance to avoid disappointment due to the condition of being fully booked.


Total duration for this Bali dolphins tour from the pick up untill arrive back at the hotel is about 3 - 4 hours depend on your hotel location.
Here are the samples itinerary for session 1 ( First session )


8.00 AM: Pick-up

Our driver picks you up at your hotel or in the pickup point that have agreed, and then takes you to dolphin lodge base in Mertasari beach Sanur, it's about 15 minutes by car from sanur and 45 minutes from kuta, seminyak, and Nusa Dua.

9.00 AM: Start for Brieffing

After arriving at our dolphin lodge base in Sanur, all participants will have a chance about 15 minutes for a coffee break, change your own swimsuit and take off all your jewelry that could potentially injure the dolphin, and then give a briefing for the important rules or instructions about what things you can do and what not to do when interacting with the dolphin

9.30 AM: Boat Departure

After Briefing session, you will board to the speed boat, it's about 10 minutes to reach the dolphin lodge in the sea by speedboat.

9.45 AM: Start the Show - Interaction or Swim with Dolphin Bali

You will have about 30 minutes duration to Interact with the dolphin in the pool, enjoy the private interaction with our friendly dolphin, such as: kissing, hugging, playing in many trick and even carry him in your hand.

10.30 AM: Back to the Base on Land

After enjoying your dolphin interaction session, we will transfer you back to the dolphin lodge office by speed boat and you will have 15 - 20 minutes break time to change your clothes, take a coffee, fresh fruit or soft drink before we drop you back to your hotel.

11.00 AM: Return

We have 4 sessions per day, First session trips start at 9.00 AM and the last session start on 2.00 PM.


Booking Online is The easiest way to make booking for our Dolphin tour. Or you can contact us by Phone and Whatsapp for last minute booking.

  1. Submit your reservation through our booking form on this website
  2. Discusion, we answer all your questions or give you suggestions
  3. Confirmation, we send you a confirmation by email when the space available and everything clear.


Book now and pay later in the Dolphin Lodge Bali location, or just 25% deposit for group booking more than 5 persons. We accept Payment via Cash, Credit Card, Bank transfer, Online payment and Paypal. (verified paypal account).


  • kerriWorth every penny and then some
    Booked a swim with the dolphins today. It was absolutely the best. Love the fact that a floating island was purpose built for them and they can jump out and leave any time. Triton the dolphin I swam with has chosen to work with our trainer Julio for 12 years. Gentle and playful and the staff were great. There were also mantra rays that you could swim with. Next time I will make sure the kids come. Best part of the trip for me!

    Kerri - Australia

  • kerriSimply Love it
    This is one best thing that I had in bali. Loved these cute wonders. They are very nicely kept and ensured that no harm is done. I met pluto my dolphin mate and I long to meet him again in future

    Darya - Hong Kong

  • kerriAMAZING!
    What a fantastic experience we had today. Swimming with the dolphins I'd highly recommend. Our dolphin was called rose and she was beautiful! Didn't think we would top the elephant ride but this was incredible! Highly recommend

    Field J - Australia

  • kerriFabulous Day with my Mother
    Dear Ms. Ani, I am writing to tell you what a fabulous day my mother and I had at our Dolphin experience last Friday! I had done the experience before (at your old facility) and knew my mum would love it. It was exactly what we wanted.
    I’d also like you to pass on our thanks to our driver Arman. He had great conversation, drove well and I enjoyed the music he was playing also. Thank you again for running such a great experience.

    Kelly Weller - Australia